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      Mortgages and loans are needed for different reasons such the house renovations, adjust debts, consolidating high-interest rates of credit cards, and enhance your financial flow. But getting your funding financed is not a cakewalk especially when it includes a huge amount. 

      If you have considered home equity, then you can do well with the second mortgage option provided you get services from expert providers. The second Mortgage means borrow money against the home equity. Home equity line of credit is the difference between the market value and the actual amount of money you own on your home. It is the collateral for your loan for the second mortgage. 

      Second Mortgage Solutions by Home Mortgage Care

      Brokers at Home Mortgage Care are committed to helping homeowners make the most of their home equity. We specialize in finding the best 2nd mortgage rates in Canada and helping property owners make the most of their investment.

      Second mortgages might seem overwhelming or confusing at first, but they don’t need to be. In fact, a 2nd mortgage is one of the most common borrowing tools among homeowners.

      A quality mortgage broker can help save you a lot of money by matching you with the right second mortgage lender. In fact, a mortgage holder could avoid bad credit and save over $1,000 monthly — that’s more than $12,000 a year!


      Our mission is to provide the best possible customer experience for our clients. We help homeowners at every credit level find their best financial footing with options for mortgage loans, mortgage refinancing, and more. Our 2nd mortgage services are available in cities including …………………..

      What we provide for Second Mortgage:

      • We provide the lowest rates in accordance with your home’s LTV.
      • We cautiously evaluate your document to give the relevant solutions.
      • You get approval for up to 90% of the LTV of your home.
      • 95% LTV is also accessible given you satisfy certain conditions.
      • Same day commitments
      • Flexible terms available
      • Funding in 48 hours*
      • No income/employment verification in most cases
      • No appraisals on low LTV’s, or Sold or Listed for sale properties
      • Interest only payments
      • No prepayment penalty- option available
      • Prepay interest upfront from the advance
      • No GDS/TDS
      • Lender fees range from 2% and up
      • Power of Sale/Foreclosure buyouts
      • Mortgage arrears
      • Tax arrears
      • Bridge financing

      Second Mortgages for All Situations

      Homeowners have the freedom to use the capital from a 2nd mortgage however they see fit. When we meet with our clients, we listen to their needs and match them with the right financial solution to help them reach their goals. Accessing a private second mortgage in Toronto or anywhere in Ontario is an untapped opportunity that you may not have thought of, but it could be just what you need to make that investment in your home or for your family.


      Whether you are looking to pursue debt consolidation or a large-scale renovation on your home, a Burke Financial mortgage broker will help lay out all of your options, so you can decide where your money is better spent.

      Consider the convenience of working with a second mortgage broker in your neighborhood.

      • Credit card debt consolidation
      • Pay off Lines of Credit
      • Home Repairs in Urgent
      • Investments in Education
      • Car Payment
      • Home Renovations
      • Buying Investment Properties

      Second Mortgage Benefits

      You can apply for a second mortgage or third mortgage, mainly to consolidate debt without impacting your first mortgage. But the major benefit you get from second mortgage is that it can be an incredible source of extra money which can help you in during emergencies. However, you need to pay off the second mortgage, ensure you take care of your first loan completely.

      We Make You Aware Of All Merits & Demerits

      We at Home Mortgage Care help you know if taking a second mortgage will be beneficial for you or not. We will go through the entire process to find out if your need of extra cash can be fulfilled through a second mortgage or some other options will be more feasible.

      Remember, every loan comes with a probability of risk and so consulting trustable and reliable professionals is must.

      Why Choose Us?

      While many financial institutions may offer second mortgages in Ontario, finding a lender that fits your personality and your financial needs is easier said than done. That is unless you have a mortgage brokerage specialising in precisely that.


      Home Mortgage Care is an experienced mortgage broker that will help you get the best interest rate for your situation. We access our vast network of private lenders and investors to find the right match. We invest our time and resources with as much care as you’ve put into owning and maintaining your home.

      Also, we understand that taking out a second mortgage in Toronto, Hamilton, and cities across the province is a big deal, and we don’t take it lightly. We have ample industry experience helping people to get the best mortgage rates and will do everything to make sure you get the best possible deal.

      We will help you weigh your options and identify the right type of mortgage product for you. A 2nd mortgage might be the right solution for you!

      We’re always happy to answer questions to help our clients better understand the process. Apply now to get in touch with one of our mortgage broker specialists.

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