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      What is a private mortgage?

      A private mortgage is another method of financing in which the borrower get all the finance related help from a private lender. This method is preferred by many borrowers who did not get their mortgage approved from traditional bank or any other lending institution. These loans are generally short-term interest only loans that ranges from 6 months to 3 years.

       At Home Mortgage Care, we help you connect with the best private lenders. This way we act as a link between you and your dream of buying your own home.

      We find out best private lenders who comprehend how difficult it becomes for you when any bank or other financial institution rejects your loan application due to its stringent policies. Unlike banks and other lending institutions, private lenders try to figure out all the possible solutions that can help you get mortgage without considering your income.

      Private Mortgage Lenders vs. Banks

      Private mortgage is an alternative option for the borrowers who do not receive loan from banks and other lending institutions. Therefore, those who lend mortgage to borrowers are called private mortgage lenders.

      On the other hand, banks in Canada are regulated federally and their policies are stringent because they have to conduct a mortgage stress test to find out if you are capable enough to pay your mortgage payments or not. Apart from banks, there are some Financial institutions in Canada like credit unions which also conduct a mortgage stress-test. In case you fail a mortgage stress test, no bank will provide you financial help. Here comes the role of a private lender who will neither conduct a mortgage stress test nor make you feel worried about your bad credit score.

      Home Mortgage Care will put all their efforts to connect you with the best private mortgage lender in no time.


      At Home Mortgage Care, we understand every borrower and want that they should get a chance to have a better financial future, regardless of their credit and income. That’s why we assist the borrowers in getting secure mortgages. We ensure that every home owner who has been turned down by their banks or lending institutions, also get mortgage for their new home or refinancing of the existing home. We put all our efforts to make certain you get the funds you require. 

      We Help home owners with equity or borrowers with bad credit

      Banks cannot help everyone to get mortgages and that’s where you require assistance of private mortgages. The purpose of bank and private mortgage is same but there are a lot of differences in the way both operates. Bank allow you to borrow on the equity you have build up in your home if you have a large down payment. However, banks are not willing to work with borrowers with bad credit and low income.

      You may take assistance of private mortgage lenders in case:

      You Have Bad credit

      Private lenders are a lot more flexible than banks and other lending institutions. If you have a bad credit score, we act as your last resort. We are here to help you use the equity in your home in order to pay off your debts and improve your credit score.

      You Are Self-employed

      The option of taking financial help from Private lenders is best for those who are self employed. If you have good income source but facing difficulty in getting mortgage from bank, Home Mortgage Care is their for you.

      You Want Debt consolidation

      Banks generally deny your application when they see that you are already in a debt. But private lenders are always ready to lend help. Professionals Brokers find the best lenders for you who are ready to help you use the equity you have built up in your home and repay your debt.

      You Want Second mortgages

      second mortgage is regarded as a great option for consolidating your ongoing debt, home renovations, or a bridge loan. So, if you are not able to get second mortgage from traditional mortgage, we help you get one. This kind of loan aids you in avoiding large breakage penalties on your 1st mortgage. 

      Why Choose a Private Mortgage Services?

      Choosing a private mortgage should not be your option only when you are not able to get loan from any other institutional lender. Taking private mortgage services is a good decision for your future. Today, with changing needs and preferences of people, private lenders are no more considered as the last resort option. Private mortgage services are for everyone, especially for those who want more simplified and easy to comprehend loan process.

      You may pick private mortgage services over traditional mortgage because of the following reasons:

      The application process: The process of application is much simpler when you contact Mortgage brokers because the process is done online and much focus is not paid on scrutinizing your financial status. 

      The personalized service: When you decide to take mortgage from a private lender, you get a much more personalized service. Taking assistance of a mortgage broker is a wise option because he understands your situation and provide you with the best options accordingly.

       Freedom of choice: When you decide to take private mortgage, you actually choose to work with more independence. If you choose to take loan from banks, you don’t have any freedom of choice. Even you don’t have any right to pass an opinion or say something in the process. You get several options in private mortgage services.

      A Nationwide Network of Private Lenders at Home Mortgage Care

      You will find hundreds of private lenders in Canada. But finding the one who offer the terms you are looking for, is a time consuming process. That’s why professionals at Home Mortgage Care are dedicated to providing you the bottom line of each offer.

      We are more interested in knowing your financial needs, instead of finding your financial situation. Therefore, we sit down with our clients to understand their needs and situation. Once we know exactly about your mortgage needs, we get in touch with our excellent network of private lenders to choose the one that fits your needs.

      We’ll also walk through the paperwork with you, solving your queries as we go. Once we have assisted you in improving your present situation, we further look into helping you with financing private mortgage.

      How do I find a private mortgage lender?

      Most private mortgage lenders only work with mortgage brokers, either by regulation or to simplify sourcing. These mortgage brokers will help you find the best type of mortgage that is most suitable for your financial situation, negotiate with mortgage lenders, and submit documents on your behalf. Mortgage brokers may be compensated by the lender. If they receive a commission or any compensation, they must disclose the amount to their client.

      We Can Help You Get Approved For A Mortgage Even When Your Bank Won’t!

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      Declared income program, Please read it, and please call me if any questions
      Ideal for who may not be able to verify income in a traditional manner. This mortgage is only for self-employed individuals, Truck drivers, consultants, contractors, and commissioned salespeople


      Qualification is based on the income as declared by the borrowers on the application, making home ownership easier.
      Minimum 570 score
      Minimum 10% down payment from own resources
      Need :• Articles of Incorporation • Business License • HST/GST return
      Must be two years in same business

      Maximum Loan Amount $1,250,000 - maximum $1,500,000 exception for the City of Toronto


      • Secondary financing from third parties is permitted up to 85%

      • Minimum 570 beacon score


      • Bankruptcy – minimum 6 months past the discharge date

      • Minimum 10% down payment from own resources

      • Need :• Articles of Incorporation • Business License • HST/GST return

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